The Warehouse Event Venue

2-35 Carl Hall Road.

Toronto, Ontario

M3K 2B6

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Thank you for a great event on Saturday! Was great to add Teemu to my autographed Wayne Gretzky tshirt! Great lineup and looking forward to more Toronto Sports Expo events!

Kim A.

Enjoyed the Toronto Sports Expo. It was great to get autographs from HHOF's like Bobby Hull, Johnny Bower, etc. !! Very nice to meet the players in person. Thanks for doing this show.

Dan M.

...everything has always been perfectly taken care of, and AJs is literally the only place I can mail a package to, and not think about it again until it comes back. Any place else I send away to, I sit and stress for weeks, hoping it looks good when it comes back, but there's never that worry with AJs.

Matt S.

AJ Sportsworld are first class Memorabilia dealers that handle exclusive contracts with players direct. Know your dealing with the REAL deal when doing business with them.

Derrick L.

It was perfect. The venue was great, the soccer field cushy floor was perfect for waiting for an autograph. The support people were excellent with different coloured option signing utensils...and were very helpful and knowledgeable with which ones work best for certain items being signed. Parking was incredibly abundant and convenient. The vendors were great! They had lots of really nice displays, weren't pushy and were helpful. They were nice to talk to. All around it was an excellent experience. Thank you for putting this event on and for doing it so well! Excellent organization, great job!Thanks again!

Joe H.